Have you ever thought about how theater arts impact the world? By giving us a way to explore the world and our own lives, and a voice to express how we feel about those things, theater can have a powerful effect on things like confidence, mental health, and connectedness to the community around us. 

InterACTion is an 8-10 week course that provides a powerful way for high school students to learn confidence in their decision-making skills, embrace the power of communication, and the value of the spoken word through a theater arts focus. The Law component of the program provides young people with the opportunity to better understand their rights and obligations in society at large and within their local communities.

The program features presentations by San Diego Police Officers and STAR/PAL partners and staff on topics like juvenile law, healthy teen relationships, smart social media, and mental health and wellness, and gives students a place where they can ask the officers open and direct questions.

A local theatre artist and/or credentialed teacher works with students to create an original script that the student will present. Students will explore various aspects of the theatrical process by writing and designing a monologue and performing a variety of roles. This professional mentorship and hands-on collaboration is a powerful way for students to build self-confidence, and learn to trust their voices and their communication abilities.