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Law Enforcement Educational Programs
  • Mentoring: Students from local schools are matched with active and retired law enforcement officers as well as with other screened volunteers for STAR/PAL's mentoring programs, including Mentoring Youth for Tomorrow (MYT) & Making Changes. Over the year, mentors volunteer on a weekly basis and take part in educational, athletic, and recreational opportunities with participants. STAR/PAL's mentoring programs inspire youth to make positive life choices through exposure to positive role models & activities. For more information regarding the STAR/PAL Mentoring Program, please contact Aalke Heuvelman at or 619-533-5794.

  • Crime Prevention Presentations: STAR/PAL officers provide many presentations during the school year in partnership with San Diego Unified School District. The subject matter of these presentations focus on teaching students how to combat bullying, peer pressure related to drugs, alcohol, & gangs, and more as well as educating them about the consequences of juvenile delinquency, sexual assault prevention, and the importance of internet safety. A series of these presentations (called "Voices & Choices") is offered at Horace Mann Middle School. For more information, please call 619-531-2718.

  • GirL-E, Leadership & Empowerment: STAR/PAL offers a 6-week curriculum for high school age girls, including those at risk of entering the juvenile justice system. Through this program, teen female participants are able to openly discuss issues related to self-esteem, healthy relationships & choices, nutrition, sexual assault prevention, as well as goal-setting. GirL-E runs throughout the year as a diversion program at the STAR/PAL facility. For more information regarding the GirL-E program, please contact Officer Lanae Gutierrez at or 619-531-2491.

  • KIDZWATCH Academies: This program is offered at elementary school sites, to teach children about "Stranger Danger", fire safety, emergency procedures, internet safety, juvenile law, and more. For schools requesting more information regarding KIDZWATCH, please contact Officer Tom Miller at or 619-531-2721.

  • Teen-LEAP (Leadership, Empowerment, Awareness Program): This 20-session program encourages middle-school students to be effective leaders within their schools and communities. By engaging teens in new experiences which give them the tools to be leaders, the program promotes awareness about community issues as well as civic involvement to address them. Teen-LEAP is offered year-round. For schools requesting more information regarding TeenLEAP, please contact Officer Carlos Amezcua at or 619-531-1501.

  • InterACTion, A Law Enforcement and Theatre Program: This 10-session program brings law enforcement officers and teaching artists from the La Jolla Playhouse together inside the classroom of local high schools. This curriculum was designed to assist students to learn the necessary tools to make positive life choices, using theater to express their thoughts and emotions about the challenges they may face in their community. InterACTion is offered during the Fall and Spring. For schools requesting more information regarding InterACTion, please contact Officer Edwin Garrette at or 619-531-2668.

  • Kids, Cops & Cameras: This program offers Teen-LEAP participants the opportunity to join professional photographers, law enforcement officers, and volunteers to learn about the art of photography and journalism. Youth are motivated to make positive choices in their community through discussions about creating beauty and combating blight in San Diego, which they capture through the lens of their cameras. For more information regarding Kids, Cops & Cameras, please contact Officer Lanae Gutierrez at or 619-531-2491.